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WHO IS Phoenix Commercial?

Phoenix Commercial - Debt RecoveryPhoenix Commercial Collections are a debt enforcement agency (bailiffs). Formed in 1999, Phoenix collect Council Tax arrears for local councils, debts for private companies and rent arrears in communities across the UK.

Phoenix is an Enforcement and Debt Recovery company working primarily with Local Authorities.  It was founded in 1999 and claims to have a recovery process. Phoenix Commercial Debt Recovery offer a number of services which are focused around Enforcement Agent Services, Debt Collection Services and Additional Services.

Enforcement Agent Services

Phoenix Commercial works with over 50 local authorities across the UK.  Their clients consist of Metropolitan and Unitary Authorities, London Boroughs, Local Government Outsourcing companies, District and City.  These services include:

  • Council Tax and Business Rates – Local authorities will use Phoenix for debt collection of unpaid Council Taxes.
  • Parking & Traffic Management – Phoenix will use the latest Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Mapping and Routing systems and Body Worn Video and Voice Recording to ensure collection of debts.
  • Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR).
  • Arrest Warrants – Specialised Arrest Warrant Officers are conducted to enforce warrant.

Phoenic Commercial Debt Collection Services

The Phoenix Group have a non-enforcement debt collection arm called PS&P Ltd who undertake a Debt Collection Service.  This includes Sundry Debt Collection, Housing Benefit Overpayments, Former Tenant Arrears, Consumer Debt and Business to Business Debt

Additional Services

Away from Phoenix’s core enforcement business they offer a number of other services including: –

  • Tracking absconded debtors – Phoenix claim to have a leading 71% success rate through their in-house database containing over 4 million records.
  • Commercial Lease Forfeiture and Re-Possession of Property – Phoenix will ensure that the lease is forfeited by peaceful entry, locks are changed and notices of Forfeiture are displayed.
  • Local Authority Property Inspections – This included Domestic and Commercial property inspections.

Can Phoenix Commercial Send Bailiffs to My House?

In some cases, if court action has been taken and your debts are still due then the courts may appoint Phoenix’s Bailiffs to recover property and assets to the value of the debt.

Can Phoenix Commercial Enforcement Agents Break into My House?

The chances of Phoenix being able to enter your property are quite rare. They can only do this if a Liability Order has been issued against you by a magistrate on behalf of the local authority. If you are a business then there would need to be an unpaid fine from a Magistrate, County Court or High Court.

Reasonable Force

It is the law that enforcement agencies are only able to enter a property if they have been inside the property before. They are then able to use what is known as ‘reasonable force’ to re-enter. This could involve the use of a Locksmith to help them gain entry. They can only try and gain entry during the hours of 6am to 9pm.

What Can Phoenix Bailiffs Take?

There are restrictions on what can be removed from your property by bailiffs. If you have given them entry of they have gained entry by other means, then they can remove what is known as ‘Walking Possessions’. These are those which are subject to ‘Taking Control of Goods Regulations’. They will make an inventory of any of those possessions in your home and estimate the current value. You can enter into a ‘Controlled Goods Agreement’ with them which will give you time to pay the outstanding debt.

If you fail to pay them, then they can return to your property and remove items. There are certain items which Phoenix Commercial Bailiffs cannot take. These include essential items such as bedding, refrigerators, medical equipment, cookers and other items.

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Contact Details


Telephone: 033 000 20705

Address: Phoenix Commercial, Ashley House, Siemens Road, Stafford, ST17 4DT

If you are expecting a visit from Phoenix follow these four steps to stop them in their tracks!

let them in

let them in

You are not obliged to let anyone into your home regardless of what they say.

be intimidated

be intimidated

You are under no obligation to speak with a bailiff so do not respond to their intimidation.

sign anything

sign anything

Never sign anything a bailiff hands to you whatsoever.

on 0161 850 0467

on 0161 850 0467

We will take care of the bailiff, stop the harassment and organise a payment plan affordable to you.


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Get Your Callback

We will take care of the bailiff, debt collector, stop the harassment and organise a payment plan affordable to you.

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Get Bailiff Action Stopped

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We understand being in debt and having the threat of bailiffs is a worrying time in anyone’s life.
Debt worries can leave us feeling isolated from the world and unsure which way to turn.
This is where we come in – to steer you in the right direction towards debt recovery.

Our aim

Our aim

To help you understand the options available to you and help you on your road to debt recovery.

Experienced team

Experienced team

We have over 10 years experience helping our customers improve their circumstances and deal with their debts.

Experts on

Experts on

Bailiff enforcement action; Council Tax arrears; court fines; parking fines; gas, electric and water arrears; debt consolidation; and all debt solutions.

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