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Solutions and services

Information about the most popular debt solutions.

Make an informed decision on your financial future with information about the most popular debt solutions.

Having problem debt can be daunting and have real impact on you and your family. It’s important to find the most appropriate solution for your circumstances and make an informed decision about your financial future.

Learn more about each debt solution and begin your journey to a debt free future today. The debt solutions mentioned here are available to residents of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Do you live in Scotland?

If you live in Scotland look at our Scottish Debt Solutions page to see the solutions available to you.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

Debt Management Plan (DMP)


Debt Relief Order (DRO)

Please note

You will be provided with information about the most popular debt solutions available to residents of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We list some of the advantages and disadvantages of each debt solution and you will at no stage ever be asked to pay for the information given.

By speaking to us, we will be able to give you a full overview of each debt solution before referring you to a qualified debt advisor.

Once you have been referred to a specialist debt solutions provider, you will be advised on the most appropriate debt solutions for your circumstances. If you choose to undertake a debt solution from this provider, you may be charged a fee for the services they provide.

Any fee applied will be fully advised on a recorded call so that you are fully aware of any financial implications of a debt solution before you decided to enter into one.

We can provide you with the information you need to start making an informed choice on what you feel is the best option for you. We can then ensure you speak to someone qualified in order to go through these in more detail and start the process to helping you with your financial worries.

To start your journey and get expert information, call us today on 0161 850 0467 or complete our contact form and we’ll call you back.

Getting free impartial advice

The Money Advice Service is an independent service to help people manage their money. They provide details of organisations that provide free debt advice and services.

Visit Money Advice Service website for more information.


Our aim

Our aim

To help you understand the options available to you and help you on your road to debt recovery.

Experienced team

Experienced team

We have over 10 years experience helping our customers improve their circumstances and deal with their debts.

Experts on

Experts on

Bailiff enforcement action; Council Tax arrears; court fines; parking fines; gas, electric and water arrears; debt consolidation; and all debt solutions.

Jayde – Reviews

Right from the beginning I felt reassured and confident he would be able to help me.


Susan – Reviews

Amazing helpful people.


Cara – Reviews

Now I can be financially free quicker and can move on without all the hassle from my creditors.


Julie – Reviews

When I contacted M1 I was in a really difficult place and their efficient, considerate handling of my situation was quite simply amazing.


Tracy – Reviews

They dealt with my case very efficiently. They were very helpful and got me out of trouble with my debt and the horrible bailiffs!


Frances – Reviews

They took care of everything. Very professional.


Nadine – Reviews

They were great from start to finish. I'm so happy with this service. Thank you very much.


Paul – Reviews

The process was simple from start to finish and all the leg work was done by M1 Debt Solutions so I never had to stress out trying to make contact with all the companies I owed to.


Tim – Reviews

Very professional. Very understanding and non judgemental.


Solutions and services

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