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Trust Deeds are a debt solution for people living in Scotland who have £5,000 or more in unsecured debts.

Trust Deeds are legally binding arrangements between you and your creditors and take typically 48 months (four years) to complete when, if successful, all outstanding debt is written off.

Trust Deed Advantages

  • You will be debt free, typically, in 4 years (48 months)
  • Once completed all outstanding debts will be written off
  • All interest and charges will be frozen
  • Creditors will no longer be able to chase you for payment
  • Creditors cannot take further legal action against you

Trust Deed Disadvantages

  • Trust Deeds affect your credit rating for six years
  • You will not be able to take out further credit
  • Homeowners may be required to release equity for the benefit of your creditors
  • You may be expected to sell high value items


Debt Arrangement Schemes (DAS) can help you repay your unsecured debts in full whilst offering protection from your creditors.

DAS are only available for people who live in Scotland, so if you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland please visit our pages on Debt Management Plans, which are the equivalent debt solution to DAS.

Debt Payment Programme (DPP)

DAS is the first step in the process to resolving your debts. Entering into DAS allows you to set up a Debt Payment Programme (DPP), which can help repay your unsecured debts in full over a reasonable period of time depending on the amount of debt and how much the you can pay you creditors.

Under the agreed terms in the DPP regular payments will be made to your creditors to repay the debts owed. All interest and charges will be frozen provided your application has been approved.

Regular payments towards you unsecured debts will be made to your Creditors as agreed under the terms of the DPP. Once your application to creditors has been submitted for approval, all interest and charges will be frozen provided your application is approved.

DPP Advantages

  • One affordable monthly payment that is disbursed to your creditors
  • Become debt free when your DAS is complete
  • All interest and charges will be frozen
  • Any interest and charges is waived if you complete the programme.
  • Stop creditors taking further action against you

DPP Disadvantages

  • DPP will be registered on your credit file for 6 years
  • Debts will not be written off so it could take longer to repay your debts
  • Under a DPP 10% of your monthly payment is taken as fees to cover the costs of running the programme
  • Whilst under a DPP you cannot obtain any further credit unless permitted by the DAS administrator
  • Once approved your details will be publicly available on the online DAS register

Minimal Asset Process (MAP) is a Scottish debt solution for people who are on low income, with not many assets and struggling to repay their debts.

MAP is a cheaper alternative to Sequestration and people are often discharged after six months with their debt troubles resolved.

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, MAP is not available to you. Visit our pages on Debt Relief Orders, which are the equivalent debt solution to MAP.

MAP Advantages

  • Write off unaffordable unsecured debt
  • Stop pressure from creditors
  • You could be debt free in six months

MAP Disadvantages

  • You cannot enter into a MAP if you own heritable property
  • You will be required to pay a fee to apply for sequestration
  • Your credit rating will be affected for at least six years
  • Your details will be added to the public register

Sequestration is a debt solution for people in Scotland and helps people struggling to repay their debts in a reasonable amount of time.

Sequestration is a legal procedure where all of your unsecured debts could be written off, normally after a year. Sequestration can help you deal with serious debts and if no other debt solution is available.

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, visit our pages on Bankruptcy, which is the equivalent debt solution to Sequestration.

Sequestration Advantages

  • All debts  will be written off
  • All creditor pressure will stop
  • You will be debt free in a year once discharged
  • The Insolvency Practitioner will liaise with your creditors on your behalf

Sequestration Disadvantages

  • Your assets, such as a house or car, may be sold to help repay your creditors
  • You will be required to pay a fee to apply for Sequestration
  • Your credit rating will be affected for at least six years
  • You are unable to act as a company director
  • Your details will be added to the public register


  • Council Tax Arrears

  • Water Arrears

  • Unsecured Bank Loans

  • Student Loans

  • Store Cards

  • Rent & Mortgage Arrears

  • Phone Arrears

  • Payday Loans

  • Court fines

  • Catalogue Debts

  • Benefit Overpayments

  • Overdrafts

  • HMRC Tax Bills (self employed)

  • Gas & Electric Arrears

  • Credit Cards


Our aim

Our aim

To help you understand the options available to you and help you on your road to debt recovery.

Experienced team

Experienced team

We have over 10 years experience helping our customers improve their circumstances and deal with their debts.

Experts on

Experts on

Bailiff enforcement action; Council Tax arrears; court fines; parking fines; gas, electric and water arrears; debt consolidation; and all debt solutions.

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