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Who is Cabot Financial?

They are an established debt collection agency who buy debts from a number of providers.  These include banks, mobile phone and internet suppliers and companies who provide credit. If you fall into arrears or fail to maintain your payment plan, Cabot Financial will take steps to recover the debt.

Cabot Financial



What Does Cabot Financial Do?

Part of Cabot Credit Management Group, Cabot Financial is a large debt collection agency

Established in 1998, Cabot Finance is a large firm of debt collectors working with HMRC, the DVLA and large blue-chip companies. Also known as Cabot Financial, they are a debt purchase company working in debt recovery.  They work on behalf of large British utility and lending companies.  These include the likes of Scottish Power, Npower and First Utility.  Cabot are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and follow the Credit Services Code of Practice. They are also registered with the Lending Standard’s Board.

If you are not able to pay these debts, the company or a court will employ Cabot Debt Collectors to recover the money from you. They will come to your house or business and discuss payment options with you. As a consequence, they can seize your property under certain circumstances.

Cabot Debt mission is ‘Helping each and every customer to financial recovery’.  This unique approach makes them different to other debt recovery companies.  They pride themselves on being friendly and flexible.  Cabot professes to understand their customer’s needs before discussing repayment options.

Cabot Financial Debt Recovery’s Head Office is in Kings Hill, Kent.  They have extensive coverage across the UK and they have a number of offices throughout the country.

Cabot Finance have a number of customers promises. They:

  • Will always listen: Customer Consultants will work with customers to make them clear their accounts as soon as possible.
  • Give customers control to manage their financial misery
  • Treat customers as individuals
  • Have Customer Consultants to help get money from customers

They also work with a number of debt management agencies that give financial advice.  These include StepChange Debt Charity, PayPlan, Citizens Advice Bureau and Bean.

Can Cabot Financial Send Debt Collectors to My House?

In some cases, if court action has been taken and your debts are still due then the courts may appoint Cabot Debt Collection agents to recover property and assets to the value of the debt.  Please let us know if you feel there is any form of harassment from Cabot Financial.

Can Cabot Finance Break into My House?

The chances of Cabot Debt Collectors being able to enter your property are quite rare. They can only do this if a Liability Order has been issued against you by a magistrate on behalf of the local authority. If you are a business then there would need to be an unpaid fine from a Magistrate, County Court or High Court.

Reasonable Force

It is the law that enforcement agencies are only able to enter a property if they have been inside the property before. They are then able to use what is known as ‘reasonable force’ to re-enter. This could involve the use of a Locksmith to help them gain entry. They can only try and gain entry during the hours of 6am to 9pm.

What Can Cabot Debt Collectors Take?

There are restrictions on what can be removed from your property by debt collection agents If you have given them entry of they have gained entry by other means, then they can remove what is known as ‘Walking Possessions’. These are those which are subject to ‘Taking Control of Goods Regulations’. They will make an inventory of any of those possessions in your home and estimate the current value. You can enter into a ‘Controlled Goods Agreement’ with them which will give you time to pay the outstanding debt.

If you fail to pay them, then they can return to your property and remove items. There are certain items which Cabot Finance cannot take. These include essential items such as bedding, refrigerators, medical equipment, cookers and other items.

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