With winter approaching talk of the dreaded utility bill begins

It won’t be long before the heating goes on (if it hasn’t already) and with the dark nights closing in lights are switched on much earlier – it’s the time of year we start to burn a lot more of our money on energy.

But, a recent survey has suggested that it’s not just energy bills Brits are having trouble with.

Water bills and council tax are also stretching our budgets to the max and many are struggling to keep up.

The infographic below highlights just how difficult balancing the family finances has become.


Utility bill

Source: icount Money

Council tax misery

The average UK council tax bill now stands at a whopping £1,484 per year.

Quite a significant sum for low income workers.

It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that 1-in-10 of those surveyed have council tax arrears in excess of £300.

40% of all those surveyed said they find council tax the most difficult bill to pay.

In 2015 UK councils sent out the bailiffs over 2 million times – including 715,000 visits regarding parking fines.

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Heat or eat?

It is the conundrum facing so many people these days, especially workers on low paid income and the elderly.

Over a third of Brits try and hold on until November before switching on the heating and three quarters of us ration our heating carefully to keep down the cost.

40% of Brits have had an argument about switching the heating on.

Money down the drain

The average UK annual water cost is £386, yet 1-in-10 Brits have in excess of £200 arrears – that’s over 6 months worth of arrears.

Deregulation is still some way off for domestic customers, so switching to a cheaper deal isn’t a possibility.

The only way we can seriously reduce our water costs is by being a bit more economical in how we use it.

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Final word

After looking at the stats above it’s hardly surprising that a quarter of Brits have ignored a utility bill in the past.

If you have found yourself in arrears, as daunting as it may seem, contacting your supplier yourself is the best course of action.

Utility companies are quite reasonable if you approach them to express you’re struggling to pay.

Try and arrange a payment plan to clear you arrears and look at ways of cutting back on the costs.

If you’re still struggling to keep up with a payment plan then contact us and one of our trained advisers will talk you though your finances and help to point you in the right direction.

If you have had contact from a bailiff, DO NOT hesitate, call us today!

Have you ever had trouble paying a utility bill? 

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